Day Five

Then I said:
“LORD, the God of heaven,
the great and awesome God,
who keeps his covenant of love
with those who keep his commands,
let your ear be attentive and your eyes be open
to hear the prayer your servant is praying
before you day and night for your servants,
the people of Israel.”
Nehemiah 1:5-6

Nehemiah had hope because Nehemiah knew who he was praying to!

  • He was praying to the LORD, Jehovah, Yahweh, the Great I Am who delivered the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt! (Exodus 3:14)
  • He was praying to “the God of heaven!”
  • He was praying to “the great and awesome God!”
  • He was praying to the great and awesome God “who keeps his covenant of love!”
  • He was praying to the LORD God who is attentive to our prayers!

You and I have the privilege to pray to this same great, awesome, amazing God who loves us!
How often do you take advantage of the fact that you can talk to the great God of the universe whenever you want? Why don’t we pray to him more often?
Today, take some time to seek God, and thank him that he cares for you! Also share the things that weigh most on your heart. And while you are at it, please pray for Crossroads and the Reaching Beyond Campaign – that his will be done!

Crossroads Community Church

Crossroads Community Church