By night I went out through the Valley Gate
toward the Jackal Well and the Dung Gate,
examining the walls of Jerusalem,
which had been broken down
and its gates, which had been destroyed by fire.
Nehemiah 2:13

Reality. It can be difficult to face. It can be discouraging. It can seem overwhelming. But if we are not willing to honestly face the reality we live in, we won’t be able to consider the preferable future God has for us.
Nehemiah had heard about Jerusalem. Now he was there, and he wanted to see for himself what the situation was. It was not good.
We have already looked at statistics about the state of Colorado, about the city of Denver, about Douglas County and how many young people are so discouraged that they don’t want to live any more. That is the reality we live in. We can ignore it and do nothing about it – or we can face it and ask God, by his power, to help us change it.
That is what REACHING BEYOND is about! Facing the reality – and then doing something about it.
Is there a reality in your own life you don’t want to face? Do you need to go to a counselor or a godly mentor and let them examine your life and help you face what needs to be done? If so, don’t put it off! Trust God and open your heart. Then ask him to give you the wisdom and strength to do what he would want done.
Pray for Crossroads as we seek to do what he would have us do to REACH BEYOND our present ministry to impact others who don’t even come here yet!