The officials did not know
where I had gone or what I was doing,
because as yet I had said nothing to the Jews
or the priests or nobles or officials
or any other who would be doing the work.
Nehemiah 2:16

Again, Nehemiah kept “what God had put in his heart to do” to himself. He didn’t even share it with the leadership of Jerusalem for a while. But he knew that the vision God had given him was more than he could do by himself. He knew if his vision really was from God, God’s Spirit would stir others to join him. He wrote it this way:
“…as yet I had said nothing to…
[those] who would be doing the work.”
Those of you who are reading this are a part of the Crossroads family. As your pastor, as part of the Executive Ministry Team and as part of your Crossroads Leadership Counsel, God has put many things on our hearts over the years – things we believe he wanted done at Crossroads. You have responded, and he has blessed us.
But if we are going to continue to follow our Great Shepherd into what he is leading us to do next, we know we cannot do it alone. Will you pray with us and ask God, “What part of this work are you calling me to do?”