I also told them about
the gracious hand of my God on me
and what the king had said to me.
Nehemiah 2:18

It is important to not only see the problems we face, and to proclaim the hope we have for the future God has for us. It is also important to remember the good things – the GREAT things – God has already done for us!
As you know, fourteen and a half years ago there were only 80 people attending Crossroads each week. The church was struggling. The leaders were not sure if they should close the doors, or if they should ask God to resurrect his church. They decided to do the latter, and I am glad they did!
We have grown from averaging 80 a week to averaging 2,300! We have seen 777 people baptized in those years, and have seen over 200 baptized in the last 2 years. Of those 200, over 130 have been children and teens!
We had over 800 children come to Vacation Bible School last summer and some 320 signed the “book of life” we had for them, stating that they either received Jesus this year or were already his!
Some 600 plus middle school students came to the lock-in we had last spring at the Parker Field House, and some 250 plus came to the fall kickoff event we had at our church building last fall.
Last fiscal year (October 2016 – September 2017) you as a church gave almost one million dollars MORE than our budget!
God has blessed us with lives he is changing, young and old! And you have honored him with what he has given you! With all this in mind we believe he has set us up to move forward with great success on this REACHING BEYOND CAMPAIGN!
Take some time to thank him for what he has done at Crossroads – and take time to sit down and write out all the ways God has had his gracious hand on you in the last year – or even in your life time! It is a great exercise – and gives us great hope!