They replied,
“Let us start rebuilding,”
so they began the good work.
Nehemiah 2:18

Try to imagine what happened in Nehemiah’s heart when the people heard all he had to say, and then responded, “Let us start building.” And keep in mind, it had been months since he first wept over Jerusalem – since he had prayed – since he had asked the king to let him go and the king agreed – since he began the journey of hundreds of miles to get to Jerusalem. Now he was there. He shared what God put on his heart… and waited!
What if they had said, “No! We can’t do this! It is too much! It is too hard!” He didn’t know what they would say! But he took the risk and shared – and they responded, “Let us start rebuilding.” I love how it goes on to say, “…so they began the good work.”
The leaders of Crossroads and I are sharing our heart with everyone at Crossroads this month, and we are hoping that as you pray about it you all will also say, “Let us begin the building,” and we are hoping you will begin this good work with us!
It starts with everyone praying and asking God what part we should play.
In Exodus, when God called the people to build the tabernacle, it tells us that the LORD said, “From what you have, take an offering for the LORD. Everyone who is willing is to bring the LORD an offering.” (Exodus 35:5) In verses 20-21 it says, “Then the whole Israelite community withdrew from Moses’ presence, and everyone who was willing and everyone whose heart moved them, came and brought an offering to the LORD for the work on the tent of meeting…”
Would you do the same? Would you withdraw, get on your knees, ask God to put on your heart what he would have you do. And if you are willing and your heart moves you, would you let us know what commitment God’s Spirit has put on your heart to give over the next three years? Please also pray for others at Crossroads, that God might move their hearts. It will take all of us, and every gift, small or large, to do this thing God has put on our hearts to do.