But when Sanballat the Horonite,
Tobiah that Ammonite official
and Geshem the Arab heard about it,
they mocked and ridiculed us.
“What are you doing?” they asked.
“Are you rebelling against the king?”
Nehemiah 2:19

No matter what we do, some will mock and ridicule us! Even when we do something good for God. Maybe especially when we do something great for God! Jesus came to earth to do the most amazing thing that could ever be done for mankind. He was perfect, and people mocked him, ridiculed him, and even crucified him!
We need to be prepared for some to question what we believe God has called us to do. Not everyone will agree. Some may even be outright critical.
We have to ask if there is truth in their criticism or not. If there is, we need to learn from it. If there isn’t, we need to still move forward and do what God’s Spirit has put on our hearts to do.
Are there people criticizing you for some things you are doing? Is there truth in the criticism to learn from? Or is their criticism not based on truth? Whatever you do, give it to God in prayer, and trust him as you move forward – or if you know what you are doing is wrong, stop and ask God to help you know what he wants you to do.