Sunday | 9:00am and 11:00am services | 6 months through 5th grade

We hope to open additional services hours in the future but we NEED volunteers to make this happen. Scroll down to learn more.


We are in need of volunteers to help make Children’s Ministry possible. If you are interested in volunteering in some capacity, please complete the interest form below.

Please read the following REGULATIONS AND CONDITIONS carefully. If you are unable or unwilling to comply, please cancel your child’s registration so that we may offer the space to another family. Your completed registration indicates your agreement to comply with these regulations and conditions:

  • Due to LIMITED CAPACITY, we reserve the right to rescind reservations based on space, availability, current safety regulations and suggestions of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environments, CDC, Tri-County and Douglas County. Should we need to rescind or amend your registration, we will contact you in advance of the reserved date.
  • REGISTRATIONS FOR MULTIPLE SUNDAYS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED, so we’re able to accommodate as many families as possible. The hope is we’ll be able to add additional worship service hours. Date to be determined. If you are volunteering on a pre-scheduled basis, we will allow you to reserve a space for your child/children within their age appropriate Camp in advance.
  • CANCELING YOUR REGISTRATION if you cannot attend for any reason allows us to be considerate of and accommodate others who may wish to attend. Please use the link in the confirmation email to cancel if you are unable to attend. Please note: We do not have a “wait-list” per se, but your release of reservations will allow others to register.
  • OUR VOLUNTEERS ARE SAFE AND CAREFULLY SCREENED via background check, interview and service review. As such, we trust in their fitness to serve. We have a strict 2 person minimum policy as we interact with children, and in most cases, there are 3 or more volunteers and staff present at all times. They will wear masks + other protective gear as required. If you would like to volunteer, we need Christ loving, capable adults and children aged 14+ to join our ranks. Click at the bottom of this page for more information or to volunteer.
  • Masks are REQUIRED FOR ALL ADULTS AND CHILDREN AGES 3 and up. Persons age 3 and older must wear a face mask while in our facility. We do this as an expression of love and care for the safety of all, and to prevent the spread of germs. Worship and praise singing to honor our God will take place in Camps Hope, Faith and in the 4Five environments, just as it is in the adult worship environments. If you are uncomfortable with this policy or believe your child will not be able to comply, we lovingly suggest you continue to enjoy our online worship service and the Children’s Resources page on our website, from the comfort of your home. We strongly recommend the use of a child friendly BREAKAWAY face mask lanyard, which can be purchased on Amazon.

Check-in/ Check-out Instructions:

  • Once your pre-registration is confirmed for the Sunday 11:00 a.m. worship service hour of your choosing, we ask that you arrive no earlier than 10:40 and no later than 11:05 a.m. to check yourself and your child in for the service hour.
  • We regret that if you do not arrive by 11:05, we must release your reservation.
  • The family check-in will be clearly marked and is located to the immediate right of the West Lobby Entrance doors.
  • Please observe physical distancing from those in line ahead of you.
  • No walk-in registration is available at this time.
  • Parent/Guardian must remain on campus for the entirety of time your child is in our care.
  • No combined age requests will be permitted, due to space restrictions and pre-registration. We cannot allow older or younger children to accompany their younger or older siblings/visiting cousins/friends to a Camp for which they are not age appropriate.
  • We will screen health and temperature (touch free) for each child at this check-in point. No child with a temperature greater than 100.4 will be permitted beyond the West Lobby. It is highly suggested that parents take their child’s temperature prior to arrival to maintain safety for all.
  • Name tags & claim tickets will be issued, and parents will be check-in for the worship service at this time. The link below will allow you to make a reservation for yourselves (meaning adults for the worship service) for the same date that your child will attend our children’s ministry.
  • Once you have your child’s name tag and claim ticket, you may proceed to the age appropriate Camp for which they have been pre-registered. HOWEVER, we strongly suggest you encourage your child to use the bathrooms in the West Lobby or at the east end of the main corridor if they have not done so before leaving home. Don’t forget to wash hands, and please be mindful there are limitations of how many may enter the bathrooms at any given time. We ask this for their safety, as we will carefully monitor the use of the bathrooms and limit unnecessary or ‘repeat trips’. If we discern an issue in your child’s health or behavior, we will contact you immediately via text.
  • You will be greeted at the Camp door, and your child will be welcomed into the room. No parents, siblings, family members or friends, who are not pre-registered will be allowed to enter into the Camps. No exceptions.
  • For children in the 4Five class (4th and 5th Grades), drop-off is at the West Lobby stairs and pick-up will be at the glass door at the west end of the Café area.
  • It is IMPERATIVE that you keep your cell phone on vibrate, so we may text you if an issue arises. Please be sure we have the number of a working cell phone at check-in.
  • At the conclusion of the worship service, please immediately pick-up your child. You’ll need the claim ticket that was issued at check-in (one ticket per family). We suggest taking a picture of it on your smartphone as you receive it, so in the case of loss, we can easily verify and quickly see to your child’s release. Without this claim ticket, you must provide your ID. If you have multiple children, you’ll need the claim ticket (or ID if it’s lost) for each Camp. Simply apprise the person at the door that you’ll need it for multiple children. We suggest you retrieve your children from the Camp they are in closest to the Auditorium and work your way west toward the exit. For instance, if you have elementary aged children in Camp Faith, and a preschool aged child in Camp Hope, start with Camp Faith and work your way toward the exit doors on the west.
  • For children in the 4Five class (4th and 5th Grades), drop-off is at the West Lobby stairs and pick-up will be at the glass door at the west end of the Café area.

No Food / No Drinks may be consumed or served. We cannot allow drinks or food to be distributed or consumed while your child is in our care. If you need to nurse or feed a child while you’re on campus, we’ll provide a space for you to do so.

No Personal Items, other than a coat, including, but not limited to diaper bags, snacks, bottles, sippy cups, bottled water or other liquid, outside toys, purses, bags, Bibles or outside items of any kind will be permitted in the Camps.

Limited Contact / Physical Distancing will be exercised inside and outside the respective Camps, respective of each age group’s abilities. Thus the reason for limited capacities. Please remind your children to follow all rules for the safety and enjoyment of everyone.

Bathroom use, as stated before is best utilized prior to and not during the Service hour. If your child is in need of using a bathroom, we will certainly accommodate them. Each Camp is equipped with an interior bathroom.

Staff/Volunteers are Not Permitted to Change Diapers. For this reason, please be sure your diaper clad child arrives with a clean diaper. If they have extraordinary excrement or urine output while in our care, we will contact you via text to advise you of the need to come and change your child during the Service hour. There are diaper changing stations in both the Men’s and Women’s bathrooms in the West Lobby.

Sanitizing of environments, including toys, tables, chairs, implements and touchable surfaces will take place before, after and, if necessary during worship service hours. We will use safety precautions and facility approved solvents and practices to clean surfaces. Toys in younger aged Camps will be rotated and placed in bins for maximum protection of all.

What Your Children Should Expect. Prepping your children about what to expect will help them and others to have a safe and quality experience. As their world has changed, we hope the care, love and quality Christ centered education they’ve come to know in our Camps will continue with a few necessary precautions added for their well-being. Particularly for children in Camps Hope and Faith, we ask that you help them understand the importance of NOT taking a toy or activity supply that is being or has been utilized by another child. We will carefully monitor kids to see to this standard. We just want them to have the best understanding of this practice before they walk through the door.

Mid-Teaching Hour Pump and Scrub – we will be asking all children, volunteers and staff to stop at a midpoint in our morning and utilize hand sanitizer. For our youngest friends in Camps Love and Grace, we will use hand wipes.

Cell Phone Contact / Digital Bulletin – As mentioned previously, please be sure we have the number for a working cell phone in your possession at the time you are in our facility. Please keep your cell phone on vibrate during the service hour AND refer to it often. Utilizing our digital bulletin will aid you in keeping in touch with us should a need arise.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact us here.