Saturday @ 5:00 pm; Sunday @ 8:00, 9:30, & 11:00am

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What to Expect

If you've ever visited a church before, you know it can be an overwhelming experience at first. We understand what that feels like, and we work tirelessly at Crossroads to make each and every visitor feel less like a stranger in a strange place and more like a friend who we just haven't seen for a while.

The following is a simple guide for visiting Crossroads on weekend, but if you have any questions or would just like to speak to someone on staff before visiting, please use any of the methods on our Contact page to get a hold of us! You may want to print this page out or bookmark it on your phone or tablet to have it with you for reference when you visit.

Upon Your Arrival

We recommend arriving at least fifteen minutes before the start of the service you choose to attend. This will allow you to find good parking, save some seats, grab a doughnut and coffee, get your kids checked into Crossroads Kids Connection, and socialize a bit with some folks who would really like to meet you. When parking, please note that we have reserved the circle drive directly in front of the building for guest and those who may be handicapped or have special needs.


Where Do I Go and What should I Expect?

You’ll see the welcome desk immediately upon entering the building. If you have any questions or would like a little help with the basics, please ask whoever is seated there. Also, the Crossroads Café is your one-stop resource for refreshments, free coffee, and socializing before and after the service.

Our worship center is down the hall from the lobby, look for the three sets of double-doors and some smiling greeters that have bulletins to hand you. Bathrooms can be found in the lobby and at the East end of the hallway behind the auditorium. The service times are Saturday at 5:00 pm, and three on Sunday morning – 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 am. All of our services have the same content, although, the 8:00 Sunday morning service does have lower volume. People come to Crossroads in all forms of attire – from an occasional suit and tie to Bronco’s jersey’s. We just want you to come and know that you matter to God!! If you want to experience worship and the preaching, watch a whole service.

What About My Kids?

Our Children’s Ministry, Crossroads Kids Connection, is right across from the main auditorium. You’ll need to check your child in before they can go to their respective classes and the check-in stations are in the lobby. For more information on our Children’s ministry, please click here

If you have students in middle school (6th to 8th grade), we invite them to join us upstairs in the Youth Room for Cylinder Sundays. Cylinders is our small-group programming and they meet during the 11:00am service on Sundays. Students in high school (9th-12th grade) are invited to join their parents in main service, but should totally come back at 6:30pm for Garage Sundays, our main event for high schoolers each week.. Similar large-group programming is available for middle schoolers at 6:30pm on Garage Wednesdays. For more information on the Student Ministry at Crossroads, please visit our Students page.

More questions or concerns — Contact Us !!