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Day Thirty

He [Sanballat] ridiculed the Jews,
and in the presence of his associates
and the army of Samaria, he said,
“What are those feeble Jews doing?
Will they restore their wall?
Will they offer sacrifices?
Will they finish in a day?
Can they bring the stones back to life
from those heaps of rubble – burned as they are?”
Tobiah the Ammonite, who was at this side, said,
“What they are building – even a fox climbing up on it
would break down their wall of stones!”
Nehemiah 4:1-3

Day Twenty-Eight

Shallum son of Hallohesh, ruler of the half-district of Jerusalem,
repaired the next section with the help of his daughters.
…Baruch son of Zabbai zealously repaired another section,
from the angle to the entrance of the house of Eliashib the high priest.
Nehemiah 3:12, 20

Day Twenty-Seven

Uzziel son of Harhariah, one of the goldsmiths,
repaired the next section;
and Hananiah, one of the perfume makers,
made repairs next to that.
They restored Jerusalem as far as the Broad Wall.
…Malkijah, one of the goldsmiths,
made repairs as far as the house of the temple servants
and the merchants, opposite the Inspection Gate,
and as far as the room above the corner;
and between the room above the cover and the Sheep Gate,
the goldsmiths and the merchants made repairs.
Nehemiah 3:8, 31-32

Day Twenty-Four

Eliashib the high priest and his fellow priests
went to work and rebuilt the Sheep Gate.
They dedicated it and set its doors in place, building as far
as the Tower of the Hundred, which they dedicated,
and as far as the Tower of Hananel.
Nehemiah 3:1