Creativity – Imagining what you could do because you’re made in God’s image.

August 2020 • Week 2

Bible Story: Place in This World (We Are God’s Creation) • Ephesians 2:10

Memory Verse: Lord, you are great. You are really worthy of praise. No one can completely understand how great you are.” Psalm 145:3

Memory Verse for 2’s – Pre-K : “Lord, you are great.” Psalm 145:3a NiRV

Life Application: Creativity—Imagining what you could do because you’re made in God’s image

Praise & Pray: Sing along with the provided worship videos and Pray. Access Songs Here

What You Might Pray: “Dear Jesus, as we learn about your creativity, help us today to see how everyone is created different yet we are all still created in your image. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”

Read God’s Word Together: Ephesians 2:10 (Need a kid friendly Bible? Check out our suggestions here)

Family Devotional and Discussion

What You DoWatch the complementary video together as a family and discuss today’s question.

Pre-K Devotional Download

Elementary School Devotional Download

What You Discuss: “How are you creative?”  [Make it Personal – Tell your kids about some of your creative gifts. Remember it’s not limited to art. Maybe it’s problem solving or cooking or team sports, dancing, comedy, engineering, writing… The sky’s the limit!]

Pray and Bless Your Family

What You Need: Mirror

What You Do: Gather your family in a circle.

  • Pass the mirror around the circle.
  • Instruct kids to look in the mirror and say, “Thank You, God, for making me creative.”
  • When the mirror returns to you, close in prayer.

What You Might Pray: “God, There’s no limit to your creativity! Thank You for making each one of us in Your image. God, remind us every time we look in the mirror that we were made to reflect a bit of Your creativity to the world. Help us see how we can use our creativity to do good works and show others how important they are to You. Please bring your protection and blessing for each member or our family as we seek to serve You. Amen.”

Want more? Check out the links below for additional activities!

What You Need: BINGO Templates <Click Here to Download>, index cards or small pieces of paper, markers or pencils, and Bingo markers (coins, cereal pieces, Lego pieces, etc.)

What You Do: As a group, make a list of at least 15 things that people are good at doing (dancing, swimming, singing, writing, baking, reading, designing, building, helping etc.)

  • Prompt kids to include things they enjoy doing.
  • As the kids or family share their ideas, write each one down on an index card or piece of paper.
  • Give kids a “Bingo Template” and set out the index cards / pieces of paper where everyone can see them.
  • Encourage the family or group of kids to fill in the empty squares with ideas from the cards. If necessary, kids can use the same idea for multiple squares.
  • When everyone finishes filling in their bingo card, play a game of Bingo.
  • Explain that the middle space, “Made in God’s Image,” is a free space.
  • Shuffle the index cards.
  • Ask a child or family member to draw a card and read it to the group.
  • Each individual puts a marker in the square on their bingo card that matches the index card or paper drawn.
  • Shuffle the index card or paper back into the pile.
  • Ask someone else to draw the next card and read it to the group.
  • Players put a marker in the square on their bingo card that matches the index card or paper drawn.
  • Make sure everyone gets a turn drawing a card.
  • Players can only place one marker for each card called. (If a kid wrote “dance” in three squares, the “dance” index card or paper must be drawn three times to mark all three squares.)
  • The first player with five in a row wins.


What You Say: “When we look at all God made, we see how creative He is. Just look at all the colors God created and the different types of plants and animals. And look at each of you! You are all made in the image of God, yet each of you have different things you enjoy and talents. Some of you are good at art or designing cool structures with blocks. Some of you enjoy sports or music. Some of you love to read. Imagine what you could do because you are made in God’s image. God created you, so you can be creative. You can figure out ways to use the things you enjoy and the things you are good at to help others and show them God’s love.”

What You Need: Creation Template <Click Here to Download>, cardstock or copy paper, brad, markers or crayons, scissors

What You Do: Print the templates on cardstock or copy paper.

  • Encourage kids to be creative in how they color and cut them out. Their craft does not need to look like the example.
  • Make a small hole into the middle of the circles and stick a metal brad through it. Open and bend the legs.

What You Say: “God created you! You are His VERY SPECIAL creation. And you know what? Long ago, God knew all about you. He knew when you’d smile, when you’d crawl, and when you’d take your first step. He also knew that you’d love to play video games, draw, or build. He not only KNEW that you’d love to do those things—He CREATED you to do them. Wow! God created you exactly the way that you are! You are His special masterpiece. And you know what? God created you, so you can be creative. You can use all the things you like to do to love God and show others what He’s like. You can praise Him by doing what you’re good at and doing what you like. So, remember: God created you, so you can be creative.”

Story Time Videos: Click the links below to watch a video.

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