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Crossroads Bulletin Board

Please read the following before using this forum:

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Community Forum


Community Forum FAQ’s

What is a forum?

A forum is an online resource for people in a community, giving them the ability to post “topics” for others to respond to. Our heart for this feature on our website is that people would be empowered to give or receive encouragement and help as they need, connecting with others in our community they may not even know yet.

How do I use the forum?

The first time you use the Crossroad Forum, you must create a login. This only requires your email address. Add a username and a password and you’re on your way! After you’re logged in to the forum, add an “avatar” image for yourself by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, then clicking the image to the left of the green “Online” icon. After you’re all set up there, select a “Channel” from the menu on your right, browse through topics that may already be in each of those channels, begin creating a new topic or commenting on an existing ones.

What kinds of things do I post?

For example, let’s say that I have a high-schooler that wants mow some lawns to earn some extra money this summer for Garage’s VOX Summer Camp. I would go to the “Services Offered” channel, write a short explanation of the offering, provide some contact information and hit “Post.” My high-schooler could even do this for him or herself!

If a person is interested but has a question, they may comment on your post, automatically generating an email to you. From that email, you can email them back directly or respond to their question right here on the forum, potentially even answering that question for someone else who may have it. The result of this kind of communication on the forum is a collection of conversations, searchable and diverse.

I’ve got some questions, who do I contact?

Use the “Crossroads Forum Feedback” form below.


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