Classes at Crossroads


Prayer Class
Starts October 30 | 9:00am

Let's learn and experience prayer together. Join us as Pastor Ron Brenning teaches us ways to awaken our prayer life with biblical patterns as well as new ways to pray with your family and small groups.

This is a 3-week class.

Crossroads Institute is a place where you can learn more about who God is and who we are as a church!

We offer the following classes.

Basic Christianity

The purpose of this class is to give individuals foundational instruction about the basics for a new life in Christ, to help others to become more stable in their walk, to encourage those who feel weak, and to learn practical ways to exercise our faith. Then we can gain a better understanding of who we are or can be in Christ, what He has done for us, and what we can do for Him.

Check back for upcoming dates.

Crossroads 101: Joining Crossroads

You will meet others who are new to Crossroads and learn together about the mission, doctrine and ministry of both the Church as a whole and our church here at Crossroads. Some of these topics include:

    • What we believe about salvation
    • What we believe about baptism and the Lord's Supper
    • What we believe about the Bible (our Statement of Faith)
    • Why we do ministry the way we do it
    • Our church leadership and leadership structure

Check back for upcoming dates.

Crossroads 201: Growing Spiritually

You will continue to get to know others, and learn together in four specific areas of spiritual growth:

    • How to spend time with God in the Bible
    • How to spend time with God in prayer
    • Why God asks us to give Him offerings
    • Why connecting relationally with other Christians is so important

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Crossroads 301: Serving Others

You will learn about how God has uniquely "shaped" all of us to make a difference in the world and in ministry! The goal is to help you discover your unique S.H.A.P.E:

    • S: Explore your Spiritual gifts and how God's Spirit wants to make a difference through you.
    • H: Explore your Heartfelt passions and how God has used them to SHAPE you.
    • A: Explore your Abilities and how God has used them to SHAPE you.
    • P: Explore your Personality and how God has used it to SHAPE you.
    • E: Explore your Experiences and how God has used them to SHAPE you.

Join us November 8 and 15 at 6:30pm. 

Crossroads 401: Sharing Jesus

You will learn a simple way to tell those you love about Christ and the salvation He offers. We will teach you to offer G.R.A.C.E. to others:

    • G: Going to others
    • R: Relating to others
    • A: Attracting others to Christ and church
    • C: Challenging others to consider Christ as Savior
    • E: Evangelizing others

Check back for upcoming dates.

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