Family Devotionals


Creativity - What You Can Do

August 2020 • Week 4

Today's Bible story: With a Little Help from My Friends (Four Friends Who Helped) • Mark 2:1-12

Monthly memory verse: "Lord, you are great. You are really worthy of praise. No one can completely understand how great you are." Psalm 145:3

Memory Verse for 2's - Pre-K : "Lord, you are great Psalm 145:3a NiRV

Life Application: Creativity-Imagining what you could do because you're made in God's image

Praise & Pray: Sing along with the provided worship videos and pray. Access songs here

What you might pray: "Dear Jesus, thank you for giving us creative minds. Help me to see how my creativity can help others. In Jesus name I pray, Amen."

Read God's Word together: Mark 2:1-12 (Need a kid-friendly Bible? Check out our suggestions.)

Family Devotional & Discussion

What you do: Watch the complementary video together as a family and discuss today's question.

What you discuss: "How can working with others make you more creative?"

Pray and bless your family

What you might pray: "God, You are great! There is no limit to Your creativity! You made us in Your image to reflect You and Your creativity to the people around us. Just like the four friends in our story today, we can do so much more together than we could do by ourselves. God, You created us to work with others. Our church is a great example of what we can do when we work with others. Please bless each member or our family as we serve you and each other. Thank You, God, for all the people who worked together to help us learn about You! In Your name, Amen."

Additional Activities

What You NeedOven mitts or alternative; collection of various objects to use with the oven mitts

What You Do: Gather everyone in a circle.

  • Set the objects in the center of the circle.
  • Give each kid a pair of oven mitts. If necessary, kids can take turns.
  • Challenge kids to do tasks while wearing the mitts on their hands. Tasks can include:
    • Looking up the memory verse, Psalm 145:3
    • Cutting a circle out of paper
    • Removing a cap from a marker and writing their name
    • Picking up a piece of cardstock from a flat surface
    • Unwrapping a piece of hard candy
    • Spinning a penny on a hard surface
  • While kids are doing the tasks, review the Bible story with them. Add to the following discussion based on your kids' responses to the story.
    • When the friends arrived where Jesus was speaking, why couldn't they see Jesus?
    • How did they work together to creatively solve the problem?
    • What could have happened if the four friends didn't work together?
    • How did Jesus heal the paralyzed man? (Besides allowing the man to walk again, talk about how Jesus healed him by forgiving his sins.)

What You Say: "Imagine what it would have been like to be the paralyzed man in the story. Using scissors or flipping through a book are typically simple tasks, but for the paralyzed man, even the simplest task was difficult and often impossible. There is no way he could have seen Jesus without his friends. Remember,  God created you to work with others. Just like the four friends in our story, you can do so much more with others than you could alone. We are made in the image of God, and each of us reflects just a little bit of God to the world around us. When we decide to work with others, we reflect even more of who God is to the world."

What You Need: Activity sheet printed on paper or cardstock, crayons, scissors, hole punch and yarn. Click here for activity sheet.

What You Do: Color the little man, his 2 faces, and mat.

  • Cut out all pieces.
  • Glue faces to opposite sides of man's head.
  • Punch holes in four corners of mat/carpet (make sure you do not get to close to the edges or it will tear easily).
  • Cut 4 - 12 inch pieces of yarn.  Tie one to each corner of mat through holes and tie all four together at other end.  See photo.
  • Reenact the story. When the man is healed take him off the mat showing the side with the man's happy face.

What You Say: "Just like the four friends in today's Bible story, God created you to work with others. So, this week, look for ways you can work with others to show people who God is and what He's like. Because God created you to work with others."

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