September 2021

Holy Yoga is Online!
Every week on Friday until Dec 25, 2020 from 8:45a to 9:45a
Organizer: Heather NeRoy

The Heart Soul Mind Yoga Virtual Studio is now open!

Read below for instructions on how to ensure access to

online yoga classes!



You're invited to join me online for Jesus + Yoga!

WHY:  Because moving our bodies is one of the best things we can do for our immune systems.  Because tuning out the noise & meditating on God's word is one of the best things we can do for our souls.  Because regardless of what is happening in our world & our neighborhoods, God is still good & still worthy of our worship.

WHO: You! Even if you have never taken a class with me in-person, I'd be honored to serve you in this way.

WHERE: The privacy of your own home.  If you are reading this email,  you have the capability of streaming the videos.

WHEN: My first video is available RIGHT NOW!  I have a plan to release several more videos all throughout the next two weeks.

HOW: The videos I release will be "unlisted" on YouTube.  This means, you can only see them if you have the direct link.  I don't want to overwhelm your inbox with emails, so I have set up two ways to send the link to those interested:

1. If you'd like me to TEXT you a link to the latest video as soon as it releases, please join my text reminder list. Text @hsmyv to 81010

2. If you'd like me to EMAIL you a link to the latest video as soon as it releases, please reply to this email requesting to be added to that list.

WHAT:  Can I be vulnerable for just a sec?  When I said YES to God's invitation to start a yoga ministry, I never ever guessed that would mean learning video production.  Releasing this feels scary, but it's important to me to be able to serve you & provide familiarity & routine.  For the sake of time, this video was shot in one take, just as though we were in class together. In other words, it's far from perfect.  I'm still me in all my right side/left side confused glory {talk about yoga for your brain!  Try putting your camera on selfie mode & then figuring out how to mirror those who will be watching, lol!}.  But, maybe most importantly, I'm still me, in all my heartfelt desire to invite you to worship with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength.

DONATIONS: If you are able to contribute $5-$10 per video class, it would help me cover the overhead costs of running this ministry in these weeks of social distancing.  As always in my ministry, you are invited to join us in class regardless of if you donate. 

If you usually donate electronically to Crossroads, this will be a different process, as I won't be receiving any money directly from the church since I'm not teaching at the church.

If you are willing and able, your donations can be sent via paypal to or venmo @heatherneroy

Again, in person or online, you are ALWAYS welcome to worship with me, regardless of your donation.

Crossroads Community Church
9900 S Twenty Mile Rd
Parker, Color 80134

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