Gratitude—Letting others know you see how they’ve helped you.

November 2020 • Week 2 

Today’s Bible Story: I Just Want to Celebrate (David Dances) • 2 Samuel 6:12b-22a

Monthly Memory Verse: Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good. His faithful love continues forever. Psalm 136:1 (NIrV)

Life Application: Gratitude – letting others know you see how they’ve helped you.

Suggested Worship Songs: Be Strong In the Lord, How Great is Our God and What a Beautiful Name

Praise & Pray – Sing along with the provided worship videos and Pray. Access Songs Here.

What You Might Pray: “Dear Lord, you deserve our honor and gratitude. Help us to show you gratitude today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Devotional and Discussion

What You Do: Watch the complementary video together and discuss today’s question.

What You Discuss: King David danced to celebrate what God had done in bringing back the Ark of the Covenant. David didn’t care that other people might find his actions ‘silly’. He knew how important it is to honor God. What are creative ways you can show gratitude?

Pre-K Devotional Download

Elementary School Devotional Download

Pre-Teen Devotional Download

Additional Activities:

What You Need: Ark of the Covenant Activity Page, scissors, glue sticks

What You Do: Print and cut the Ark of the Covenant activity page. DOWNLOAD HERE.

  • Explain to the kids how to fold all the shapes on the dotted lines.
  • Glue the 10 Commandment tablets together and place them inside the Ark of the Covenant (the box).
  • Glue the folded poles together and then glue the poles onto the box.
  • Glue the folded tablets together and place them inside the Art of the Covenant.
  • Glue the folded Cherubim’s on the top of the atonement cover with the wings facing each other.

What You Say: “What was the Ark of the Covenant? (The Ark of the Covenant was a box that contained the original Ten Commandments) What did David celebrate? (David celebrated getting the Ark of the Covenant back) When King David thought about God and all He had done for His people, he just needed to stop and honor God by celebrating! He couldn’t help himself! King David danced and everyone joined along as he celebrated God. King David didn’t care if he didn’t look like a king. What King David cared about was celebrating to thank God. We can be like King David, too. We can celebrate what God has done. We can celebrate God by singing songs about how great He is. We can celebrate God by reading His story in the Bible or by going to church. God did amazing things in King David’s life, and He is still at work in our lives, too. You can talk to God about the great things He has done in your life, and you can thank Him for them! That’s another way to celebrate what God has done. God loves when you celebrate!”

What You Need: “Action Review” Activity Page, Bible marked at 2 Samuel 6, worship music

What You Do: Invite one of the kids to open your Bible to where it’s marked.

  • Read the “Action Review” Activity Page.
  • While reading the story, when you come to celebrate what God has done, play worship music.
  • Guide kids to dance when they hear the music.
  • When you stop the music, instruct the kids to freeze in place while you keep reading the story.
  • Vary the length of time you play the music.
  • Guide kids to dance in certain ways: slow-motion, tip toe, fast-motion, etc.

What You Say: “How did David celebrate all the good things God had done? (he danced, he ate, he gave sacrifices, he gave the people food) What are some ways we can celebrate what God has done? (We can sing; we can thank Him; we can dance; we can draw pictures.) Great ideas! [Make It Personal- Tell kids one way you like to celebrate what God has done, too.] God wants us to celebrate what He’s done because that’s one way we can show Him we’re thankful for what He has done for us. It’s a way we can show Him gratitude. So, remember, celebrate what God has done.”

What You Need: Bible

What You Do: Review the Bible story with the kids using the questions below.

Review Questions: (Refer to 2 Samuel 6:12b-22a for any clarification of answers or to create more questions for review.)

  1. Why was the ark of the Lord such a big deal? (It carried the 10 Commandments)
  2. How did David celebrate what God has done? (He danced before God)
  3. What would you say was important to David? honoring God, showing gratitude for all God had done)
  4. Why did David’s wife get so upset when she saw David dancing? (Michal thought David was embarrassing himself).
  5. If you could give Michal some advice, what would you tell her?
  6. What is one thing you want to remember from this story?
  • Invite someone to read Psalm 30:11-12 If kids are not aware, remind them that David wrote many of the Psalms, including this one. Challenge kids to consider ways they can follow David’s example of gratitude and celebration for what God has done in the past and for what He is doing today.
    1. David was so grateful for what God had done that he couldn’t keep silent about it. What is something you can celebrate with that kind of excitement?
    2. If you have a hard time finding something to be grateful for, what do you think needs to change?
    3. What are some things we can celebrate about God no matter what else is happening in our life?

What You Need: No supplies needed

What You Do: Call out different ways the kids can celebrate God, leading them to do what you say.

  • Name actions based on the energy level of your group. If you need to “wind them down,” choose calmer motions. If you need to “wake them up,” call out active ones.
  • Possible actions:
    • You can walk and celebrate God. ○ You can tiptoe and celebrate God.
    • You can spin in circles and celebrate God. ○ You can jump and celebrate God.
    • You can move in slow motion and celebrate God. ○ You can sit and celebrate God.
    • You can dance and celebrate God.
  • Ask for prayer requests.
  • End by saying, “You can pray and celebrate God.” Then use the prayer below as a guide to lead kids in prayer.

What You Might Pray: “Dear God, thank You for all that You have done for us. Thank You for making this wonderful world for us to live in. Thank You for loving us so much that You sent Jesus to be our Savior. Thank You that we can celebrate all the good things You do. Help us take time today, this week, and every day to celebrate what You have done. We love You SO much. You are more amazing and wonderful than words can say. We celebrate You! Pray for prayer requests. Amen.”

Story Time Videos: Click the links below to watch a video.

It Will Be Okay

Good Good Father

Thank You, God, For Loving Me