What we believe regarding groups:

  • God Uses the Body of Christ

    We believe God intended each of us to live in community with others in our spiritual family. God uses the Body of Christ to grow us and move us into His image. (Hebrews 10:24-25)

  • Connection with Others Is Key

    Just showing up to worship service is not enough. Many different studies as well as God's word show us that the best environment for changing our lives is in connection with others, like a small group.

  • Everyone Should be Part of a Lifegroup

    We desire that every adult in our church family will become part of a "Small Group" where they can be connected to others and cared for. 

We invite you to look at the below group types, and choose to get started with the one that's best for where you are on your journey!


Small Groups

Share Life Together, Share the Spiritual Journey Together


Supporting Groups

Healing Through Times of Challenge

Crossroads Community Church