What We Believe

Our Purpose

We are a church who firmly believes that Jesus transforms lives through loving relationships with:

Our Values

  • God

    We seek and honor God through worship and prayer.

  • You

    We believe everyone matters to God.

  • Relationships

    We believe ordinary relationships allow extraordinary things to happen.

  • Encouragement

    We know an encouraging community is essential in helping people live for God.

  • Authenticity

    We promote authenticity by being open and honest with ourselves, God and each other.

  • Generosity

    God so loved the world that He gave His best. We want to be like God.

  • Excellence

    We offer God our best in all we do.

  • Relevance

    We commit to being relevant by using ever-changing methods to communicate the never changing message.

Our Priorities

A Whole-Hearted Commitment to:


Do all we can to introduce people to Jesus as Savior.

  • Work hard to ensure that the Crossroads family members know how to do this.
  • Encourage the Crossroads family members to develop caring relationships with those who do not know Jesus so that they can share Him.

Sharing Life

  • Encourage EVERYONE to join a "Life Group" so we share life together.
  • Provide an environment where people are guided to understand where they are at spiritually, and then encourage them to take the next step closer to Jesus.

Biblical Teaching

Maintain Biblically relevant teaching in all areas of ministry.


  • Be focused on our local community by actively participating in community events and by serving in our community.
  • Establish partners that we will both support and serve alongside globally and locally.
Crossroads Community Church