Jenna Gillespie

Elementary Coordinator

I grew up in a military household with two loving parents and a sister. We moved around quite a bit and while my surroundings seemed to change, the foundation our family had in Christ never wavered; and we would find a new church home in each place.

I grew up loving Jesus, and wanting to serve Him and I remember watching my dad lead worship at one of the churches we were attending, and in pure wonder thinking, “I want to do that”; and this moment sparked my love for worship and praising my Savior. I got married at the age of 18 to the boy I met at youth group and now we have two beautiful daughters, Alice and Autumn.

One of the biggest draws to working with children, is how easily they love. I have a desire to create opportunities for kids to encounter God’s love and to learn how much He is deserving of theirs. To show them how excited you can be about God’s goodness, His grace and all that He does for us. It’s our responsibility to set the table not only for adults, but for the children as well! I have loved Jesus from the time I was little and I’ve never looked back. He has been IT for me. Let’s pray the same for the generations to come! I enjoy singing, playing guitar, Lord of the Rings trivia and spending time with my family.

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