Linda Duffy

Operations Admin

I was raised in a Christian home and was an active member in church as a child and young adult. I truly am blessed to have parents who established a strong foundation for us. My Mom, to this day, is my spiritual mentor.

After leaving Wisconsin in 1997 and moving to a few different states, we settled in Colorado in 2004. Relocating created some challenges in settling back into a church home, until finding Crossroads in 2009. My son Colton was invited to Youth Group in high school (by his now wife) and upon leaving for college encouraged me to check out Crossroads. God worked through Colton to find my church family here in Colorado and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Traveling as I did in my job for many years only allowed me to volunteer at Crossroads for weekend activities. As I settled into the next stage in my life (including Grandma to three grandsons), God again placed people in my path (literally this time when I chatted with Becky Hopp in the hallway about how I might help in other volunteer activities) and in short time, found myself moving from office volunteer to a part time position!

I have been married to my husband Mike for 35 years. We are avid Wisconsin sports fans (especially baseball & football) and focus most of our time on our expanded family which includes Colton & Elizabeth with 3 children (in Colorado) and our daughter Samantha, married to Damon with two Bernese Mountain dogs (who visit at Christmas time from Michigan).

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