Our Purpose

Reaching Beyond our walls, our generation, and our community to see lives transformed through loving relationships with God, each other, and those who do not know Jesus yet.

Our Vision

Reaching Beyond our current facility to increase multipurpose space for ministry to children, youth and adults.

Our Goal

For all with willing hearts to give sacrificially above and beyond their regular giving so that we are able to pay off the new addition within three years.

A Letter from Pastor John:

Dear Crossroads Family,

Crossroads has been in existence for over 45 years. Over those years, hundreds have come to know Jesus through our ministry. About 15 years ago, we were at a "crossroads" ourselves. There were only about 80 people attending, and the leaders had to decide if Jesus was calling them to close the doors, or if God's Spirit still had more for Crossroads to do. After much prayer, the leaders decided to trust God to resurrect his church - and he has!

Because of what Jesus has done at Crossroads, five years ago we sold our old building and moved to our present location. Now five years later, our ministry to children and teens has grown so much that we already need more space. So, your leaders today have again asked Jesus what he wants done at Crossroads - and we believe he is calling us to make more room for more to come to know him.

As a result we have put together our REACHING BEYOND campaign. This is more than just a campaign to raise money for a building! While it is about reaching beyond our present facility to add a 19,000 square foot multipurpose facility on the east side of our property, it is about a lot more than that.

This is about reaching beyond our walls to impact our community! It is about reaching beyond our generation to see lives of teens and children transformed through a loving relationship with God! It is about reaching beyond our ministry to bless other ministries around the world and in our own community with a percentage of the giving! It is about making more classrooms for all of our ministries to use! It is about making more space for overflow at Christmas Eve and Easter. It is about making more room for the 800 plus children that come to our Vacation Bible School each year! It is about so much more!

Jesus continues to transform lives at Crossroads, and we sense he, as our Shepherd, is calling us to follow him to add more room for more to know him. Please pray with us, and if you also sense this is what Jesus is calling us to do, then join us as we seek to reach beyond what we have already trusted him for here at Crossroads.

Your Pastor in Christ,


Crossroads Community Church