“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”
Ephesians 3:20-21

Over three years ago, in 2014, the leadership of the church began discussing the need for more storage space to support ministry.  It was quickly determined it would be best to develop a plan for not only more storage space, but also more ministry space because of the steady growth of the church.  A multi-purpose building at the east end of our current building became the focus of prayer and planning.

The church has been blessed under Pastor John’s leadership. He has no firm retirement plans at this time and is trusting God to allow him to lead Crossroads well into the future.  No one knows the future, but his plans are to serve as Lead Pastor for an indefinite period of time.

This is something that the leadership and ministry staff reviewed and discussed in the early stages.  Though there are some benefits for a gym, they do not outweigh the limitations of a gym. Our staff has interacted with a number of churches that have gyms and have heard overwhelmingly that unless we have a school, a gym is not recommended.   This new space will be utilized 95% of the time to speak truth into the lives of students and families and we want to create an atmosphere that will do that best. While the new building will have a limited “gym-like” play space, it will be smaller than a regular gym – about the size of all of Camp Faith.
It is important to point out that while there is an indoor play space there will also be a large outdoor patio area and turf field for the youth and children’s ministries.

Yes.  We have talked to churches in the area about what they have done with their youth space. The biggest suggestion was “if you are making a worship space, do not build a gym”.  We have learned from other churches about the importance of separate spaces for welcoming, playing games, worship and small groups.

One of the great things about ministry at Crossroads is that our building is constantly being used. On any given evening and weekend, ministries are running concurrently in different parts of the building. This has caused some space scheduling challenges with room availability and sound from one group interfering with another group nearby. More spaces, large and small, designed for small groups, large groups, worship times, active games, etc. will allow us to do ministry more effectively and bring glory to God.  We have had to decline our own ministry groups requesting space on Sundays and some week nights because there is no available space.

We expect that we will have enough spaces to conduct Garage 45 and Middle School at the same time. However, concurrent ministries may depend on ministry strategies and staffing,

We do not have plans for either a future church plant or second campus.

There will be about 40 parking spaces lost with this project. However, we have plans to add about that same number of spaces on the north border of our property on both sides of the concrete islands. In addition, we will be looking at additional parking on the southwest portion of our campus by possibly reconfiguring the circular parking area into more efficient parking space.

While the majority of this new building will be used by our Youth department on Sundays and Wednesdays, it will still be available at other times for adult ministries, children’s ministries and other ministry team meetings. Special ministry gatherings can also take advantage of this new space for banquets, and smaller meeting areas better suited for a room seating 400 rather than our current auditorium which seats about 900.

Our children’s ministry has needed more space for the Crossroads Kids’ Club ministry on Tuesday nights and the summer Vacation Bible School for years. This new space will provide safe indoor and outdoor space for those two ministries and much more. Our children’s ministry has been hindered with starting new ministries for children because of space issues. This new space opens up some interesting possibilities for expanding our ministry to children.

Currently we do not have enough space for ministries to schedule additional meetings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and quite often Saturday and Sunday mornings. This new building will provide additional new space with a large greeting area, two large meeting spaces, two classrooms, and two conference rooms. The women’s ministry, men’s ministry, LifeGroups, Connecting Groups, classes and bible studies are all going to benefit from having this additional space. It will also allow for more adult classes on Sunday mornings.

While the initial driver for this building was storage and was quickly followed by youth, other ministries will be able to use this space as well.  Much like the current youth space which is used by non-youth ministries like Celebrate Recovery, Forge (single adults), Men’s, and others – this new space will be youth first followed by other ministries.  As a church, we have done well working around multiple ministry needs and priorities over the years. All of our staff realize that the entire campus belongs to God and was made possible by the generous gifts of his people. So, they and the ministry leaders understand sharing space very well.

Construction costs have been rising in the Denver metro area for some time.  You have probably noticed the increased number of construction projects all around our area.  The demand for construction labor and services continues to climb which is one of the reasons our Leadership Council (governing board) wanted to get started before costs rise any further.  They also felt that the time is right to utilize the extra funds that have been set aside and get this building project underway.  It is clear that the church has had a need for more space for years, construction costs are only going up, and the financial position of the church is strong with over $1 million in cash available to start this project.

The church has over $1 million in cash that will be used to start this project. The church is planning to borrow the rest of the necessary funding from a bank which has a division specializing in loans to churches. We will not be selling bonds to finance this project.

Like other loans Crossroads has had in the past, we plan on prepaying on the loan by using Reaching Beyond funds and other debt reduction giving to save on interest costs and pay it off sooner than the bank requires.

In 2013, our debt was $7,446,750 and our annual general fund contributions were $2,557,776. At the end of our most recent fiscal year (September 30, 2017), our debt was $5,280,252 while our annual general fund contributions were $3,917,340 (unaudited).  That is a 29% decrease in debt and a 53% increase in income. Our net assets have increased by 52% over the past four years.

In the business world, a 2:1 ratio of current (liquid) assets compared to current debt is generally considered healthy.  At the end of our most recent fiscal year, our current ratio was 12:1 – that is $12 of cash for every $1 of short term debt. We are in a very strong financial position and positioned well for this expansion.

While it is too early to know the total project cost until the final construction drawings are complete and approved, we anticipate drawing a loan somewhere around $5 million which would be a loan to value ratio under 65% based on an appraisal from several years ago.  Our total building debt should be less than $9.5 million.

Over the past few years, the leadership of Crossroads has already set aside funds annually for future growth with over $1,000,000 in cash now available to jump start this project.

The leadership of Crossroads believes temporary debt is necessary for expansion but is committed to retiring debt at a faster rate than is required by the lender. It is their hope to pay off all of the new debt in five years or less if the Reaching Beyond Capital Campaign is as successful as expected.

Yes.  Our audited financial statements for FY 2016-17 should be available in mid- January. The audit report for FY 2015-16 is available upon request. The most recently completed two years have been audited.  The financial records are reviewed or audited every year by a professional independent certified public accounting firm.

According to the architectural plans, our existing building is just under 47,000 square feet while the new building is just over 18,000 square feet. The new building expansion represents a 38% increase in square footage.

If, over the next three years, God blesses Crossroads with capital campaign contributions in excess of the cost of this building project, the church would be able to increase its pre-payment and retirement of previous debt for the current building.

As a family member of Crossroads, we are asking you to prayerfully consider how Jesus is calling you to join us in this incredible opportunity!  There are many ways you can do that:

  • PRAY! Get on your knees before God and ask for wisdom and guidance about how you should respond to this opportunity!
  • Prayerfully make a commitment to give a specific amount over the next three years (April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2020) by completing a commitment card and turning it in during our Commitment Weekend on March 10th and 11th, 2018!
  • Give a special calendar year end gift designated to the campaign and pay ahead on your commitment.
  • Give a significant one time gift to prepay on your commitment!
  • Give a “first fruits” offering – after prayerfully considering what you feel led to give over the next three years, give a large portion of that as an upfront gift, either before December 31 or on the weekend of March 10 and 11, 2018 when we bring our Reaching Beyond commitment cards to prepay on your commitment and give us a jump start on paying for this new building project!

*Please keep in mind that for this to work we are asking you to make commitments above and beyond your regular giving. Not equal gifts but equal sacrifice.

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