What is Reaching Beyond?

REACHING BEYOND is an exciting 3-year spiritual journey that will last until March 2021 and will the people of Crossroads to give above and beyond their normal tithes and offerings to invest in the expansion of ministry to our community, particularly our children and youth, and share the message of Jesus in a safe and welcoming environment.

Vision Goals


Building a new 19,000 square foot multipurpose facility to support the growth of all of our ministries including children and youth.


Reaching Beyond our walls to impact the adults, children and youth of our community.

Next Generation

Reaching Beyond our generation to see lives of teens and children transformed through a loving relationship with God!


Reaching Beyond our ministry to bless other ministries around the world and in our own community with a percentage of the giving!

So Much More

It is about making more classrooms for all of our ministries to use!
It is about making more space for overflow at Christmas Eve and Easter!
It is about making more room for the 800 plus children that come to our Vacation Bible School each year!


Reaching Beyond our present facility to add a 19,000 square foot multipurpose facility on the east side of our property. It will also include classrooms, conference rooms and both indoor and outdoor recreation areas.


And as we always do as a church, we will be giving a portion of what is received to partner ministries and people in need beyond our campus. Any funds received in excess of the project cost will be applied to existing debt reduction and existing building upgrading or remodeling

Crossroads Community Church