small Groups

Life is Better Together.

At Crossroads, we believe the dynamics of Small Groups provide the best environment for us to accomplish spiritual care and discipleship for our people. It is our hope that every adult in the Crossroads Family will become connected to the body by joining a Small Group.

The Small Group experience is one that leads a person into a place where they are shepherded and discipled to follow the Great Commission as a follower of Christ. It is also a place where community takes place.

A Small Group is a small group of 8-12 adults, covenanted together for 18-24 months to establish authentic community and spiritual direction.

Next informational meeting is January 22 at 3:45pm. 

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Our Purpose

Transforming lives through loving relationships with God, with Each Other, and with the Lost.

Our Focus

Authentic Community (accountability, belonging, care) with spiritual direction.

Our Format

Share Life Together, Share Spiritual Journey Together, while connecting with the lost together.

The easiest way to get connected in a LifeGroup is to attend a LifeLink Event. This 90 minute social will allow you to meet others, hear details about LifeGroups, and be introduced to various groups getting started.

LifeLink Events are offered every three months with new groups starting the following month after each event.

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