Saturday @ 5:00 pm; Sunday @ 8:00, 9:30, & 11:00am

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What We Believe

Missions Statement

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Statement of Faith

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Our Purpose

Transforming Lives Through Loving Relationships
  • With God
  • With Each Other
  • With the Lost

Our Values

  • God: We seek and honor God through worship and prayer!
  • You: We believe everyone matters to God!
  • Relationships: We believe ordinary relationships allow extraordinary things to happen!
  • Encouragement: We know an encouraging community is essential in helping people live for God!
  • Authenticity: We promote authenticity by being open and honest with ourselves, God and each other!
  • Generosity: God so loved the world that He gave His best. We want to be like God!
  • Excellence: We offer God our best in all we do!
  • Relevance: We commit to being relevant by using ever-changing methods to communicate the never changing message!

Our Priorities

  • EVANGELISM: Do all we can to introduce people to Jesus as Savior!
    • Work hard to ensure that the Crossroads family members know how to do this!
    • Encourage the Crossroads family members to develop caring relationships with those who do not know Jesus so that they can share him!
    • Encourage EVERYONE to join a “Life Group” so we share life together!
    • Provide an environment where people are guided to understand where they are at spiritually, and then encourage them to take the next step closer to Jesus!
  • BIBLICAL TEACHING: Maintain Biblically relevant teaching in all areas of ministry!
    • Be focused on our local community by actively participating in community events and by serving in our community!
    • Establish partners that we will both support and serve alongside globally and locally!